Introduction of the Hospital

The Children’s Hospital of Xi’an City is the only comprehensive three-level first class children’s special hospital integrating medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation in one, and it also is the children medical center in Shaanxi Province, the auxiliary children’s hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and the  Auxiliary Xi’an Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. Predecessor of the hospital is the Central Hospital Established in the revolutionary holy land—Yan’an in1939, and then the hospital was reformed for several times, it was named as the Children’s Hospital of Xi’an City after being approved by the People’s Government of Xi’an City in September, 1959. And in May, 2013, the hospital was joined in the Group of Beijing Children’s Hospital; in November, 2014, it became the Chinese education base of American Pediatrics Association; In August, 2015, the Hospital became a friendly cooperation hospital of Los Angeles Children’s Hospital of America. The hospital has been rated as the advanced collective of Xi’an City, the advanced collective of Shaanxi Province, model of the civilized units of Shaanxi Province, theAdvanced Collective Granted with the Prize of Bethune Spiritsin sanitary system of the whole province, as well as “Women Civilized Post” etc.


The hospital is located within the Andingmen of the old city (Inside the west fortification gate of Xi'an), east of it is the childrens park, the south is west revenue and the northern plaza within Andingmen, the west is the famous Ming Dynasty City Wall, and its north is connected to the historical city gateYuxiang Gate. The hospital covers an area of 140.45 mu, the area of business houses is 0.11 million m2, 1500 beds, 29 clinical departments, 26 outpatient service departments and 9 medical laboratories. In 2016, the outpatient quantity exceeded 2 million times, the discharged patients are 0.06million people times. The children medical series covers Xian, the whole province, and involve in vast children in the provinces and cities around.


Now, number of the staff of the hospital is 2152, among them, 308 senior professional technicians, 408 intermediate professional technicians, and 327 personnel with doctor and masters degrees. It also has more than 10 members from the China medical association children branch and pediatric surgery etc, and the members of professional group, the hospital is the main entrusted unit of Xian Medical Association Pediatrics Branch and Pediatric Surgery Branch, and the main designated entrusted unit of the Medical Association of Shaanxi Province, Pediatrics Branch, the Sample Flat in Traditional Chinese Medicine Work of the Comprehensive Hospital. The combined department of traditional Chinese and western medicine is the key department cultivated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Twelfth Five-year Plan,  and the key traditional Chinese medicine department of Shaanxi Province, the pediatrics, neonatology department, ICU, cardiovascular medicine, gastroenterology department, urinary surgery and many other departments are provincial key departments and advantage departments.


The hospital is confirmed as the clinical research center of childrens diseases in Shaanxi Province, the research center of medical engineering in transformation of diagnosis and treatment for pediatric diseases of Shaanxi Province, the research institution for pediatric diseases of Shaanxi Province, the hospital also is the training base of comprehensive administration (northern area) for pediatric diseases of the State Commission for Health Development Planning , the cooperation unit of the national standardized training base for resident doctors, the training base for medical technician of medical institutions in county-level of Shaanxi Province, the training base for childrens health care workers in poverty-stricken area of Shaanxi Province, the training base for further-education of pediatricians in Shaanxi Province, the  job-transfer training base for pediatricians in Shaanxi Province, the prevention and control center for pediatric asthma of Shaanxi Province and the rehabilitation center for disabled children in Xian City, the hospital also has established the practice base for rehabilitation science and technical teaching of Xian Jiaotong University, the practice teaching base of the Rehabilitation Medical College if Jiamusi University, the designated institution for rescue rehabilitation project for the children with autism of Shaanxi Province, and the designated institution for rescue rehabilitation project for the children with autism of Xian City.


The hospital has continuously increased funding, introduced and updated a lot of medium and large equipment, such as: 3.0T, 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, 64-row, 128-layer spiral CT, comprehensive interventional therapy system of digital subtraction angiography, extracorporeal circulation machine, DR, digital gastrointestinal radiography machine, 4D high-end color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, electronic gastrointestinal endoscope, bronchoscope, peritoneoscope, urodynamics analysis meter, hematodialysis filter, continuous blood purification unit, FCM, tandem mass spectrometer, C-type movement arm, skin laser therapeutic apparatus, retina diagnostic apparatus for premature infant, as well as high-end multifunction anesthesia working station etc.


In recent years, under strong support of the municipal Party committee and government, the hospital has continuously improved the hospital environment, the comprehensive building for outpatient medical technology and infection ward building have also came into use. Adhering to the hospital motto of “Self-discipline and social commitmentsupreme good, continuous improvement and keeping forging ahead”, all staff of the hospital continuously improve the medical quality and service level, to strive to create the first-class children’s hospital in China.

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